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Dear visitors,

We welcome and thank you for visiting

We feel that besides learning English Grammar, speaking English with correct pronunciation is a very big hurdle for the beginners. Keeping that in mind, we are developing this Website and has set our goal:

To help people spread their wings, to evolve with the world today and not let lack of knowing how to speak in English, restrict them. We desire to broaden your horizons and help you achieve your goal and start speaking……
                                                                                                     "………because we are never too old or too young to learn English."

लोगों को अपने पंखों को फैलाने में मदद करना, आज की दुनिया के साथ विकास करना और अँग्रेज़ी में बोलने में कमी को बाधा नही बनने देना। हम आपके क्षितिज आकाश को बढ़ाने और आपका लक्ष्य पाने व अँग्रेज़ी बोलना शुरू करने में मदद करने की इच्छा रखते हैं......।
                                                                                                    ".........क्योंकि अँग्रेज़ी सीखने के लिए हम कभी भी इतने बूढ़े या बच्चे नही होते हैं। "

In developing this site, we are getting special and significant contribution from a very talented personality Ms Kavita Bhadra. We are grateful to her for all the services she has rendered.

We shall be grateful to you for pointing out errors observed in the Site material. That will be a contribution from your side and will help in making site more beneficial for othrs.

Please apprise about your views, ideas or any observed error at :

Enjoy browsing.

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