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Hindi Vowels - Hindi Swar-Matra

Importance of Pronunciation
  1. English-Hindi Alphabets
  2. Hindi Vowels-Swar
  3. General Rules of Pronunciation
  4. Vowel-'a'
  5. Vowel-'e'
  6. Vowel-'i'
  7. Vowel-'o'
  8. Vowel-'u'
  9. 'y' as a Vowel
  10. Joint Vowels
  11. Consonants
  12. Silent Letters

हिन्दी स्वर / मात्रा

In English language one vowel has different sound subject to its placement and other vowels/consonants coming before or after the vowel in a word. Hindi language is more easy than English. In Hindi language, the pronunciation of each vowel remains same with each alphabet irrespective of its placement in the word.

Let us look at the following where one alphabet 'क' is written with all Hindi Vowels/Matra. Please click each letter to understand the pronunciation of each Matra.

स्वर का कि की कु कू
उच्चारण ka kaa ki kee ku koo
स्वर के कै को कौ कं कः
उच्चारण ke kai ko kau kam/kan kah

In Hindi language, the pronunciation of each vowel remains same with each alphabet irrespective of its placement in the word. The following points will help a lot in understanding Hindi Swar/Matra:

In Hindi language, consonants can be written half or full like 'क, क्, चक्कन, सम्बन्ध /संबंध' - ka, k, chakkan, sambandh.

a) The first alphabet 'क' is written full.

b) Second alphabet 'क्' is written half. It is single and not a part of any word hence a mark of Halant is added below the consonant. When we write half alphabet alone, then we put Halant mart (् ) below that letter.

c) Third example 'चक्कन' is a word. It contains both half and full consonants. When we write half consonant in a word, next consonant is written immediately after that without putting any matra/vowel. In the word 'चक्कन chakkan' first 'क् k' is half as second consonant 'क k' is written without putting any matra/vowel. Consonant 'न n' is written full. The last consonant of word is pronounced fully.

d) In another word 'सम्बन्ध /संबंध sambandh' consonants 'm' and 'n' are half as next consonants have come without putting any vowel after them. In Hindi language, half consonant -'n' and 'm' can be written by putting a dot (bindee) above the line like it is written in the example.

For learning any language, 'Listening' plays a vital role in learning. In order to help you learning Hindi language we have compiled a detailed list of words hereunder which you can listen just by clicking the word.
अक्षर शब्द शब्द शब्द
कर कलम पर पलक
काम बात प्राप्त घायल
इजाजत इलाका इमली लेकिन
ईजाद कीमा भड़की कली
उल्लू उपेक्षा दुवा हुआ
फिजूल चूड़ी कबूल किसकी
प्रत्येक ये एक फरेब
ऐतराज बैठक ऐनक बेचैन

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