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Who's Vs Whose | Similar Sound but Different Meaning

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    दो शब्द who's और whose जिनकी आवाज़ स्पष्ट रूप से समान है, लेकिन उनके अर्थ और अंग्रेजी में भूमिका अलग है।

    The two words Who's and whose can sound uncannily similar but their meaning and role in English is different.


    Whose एक possesive सर्वनाम है । यह हमें बताता है कि व्यक्ति या चीज़ का संबंध किस से है या किससे संबंधित है । Whose शब्द who की पोज़ेसिव फॉर्म है। Whose जैसे 'his', 'her', 'my, 'our' and 'your' की तरह पोज़ेसिव सर्वनाम है । आम तौर पर एक संज्ञा शब्द whose के बाद होती है।

    Whose is a possesive pronoun. It tells us to whom the person or thing belongs to or is related to. Whose is the possessive form of Who.

    Whose is a possessive pronoun like, 'his', 'her', 'my, 'our' and 'your'. Usually a noun is followed by the word, 'Whose'.

    Let's get to know it better with the following examples:-

    Whose car is parked outside my gate?
    The answer can be, his car, her car, their car or ours. All the answers show possesiveness, ownership of the vehicle.
    Whose is before the noun 'car'.

    She knows whose dog that one is?
    The answer can be, his, her's, ours, their's etc. All the answers show possesiveness, ownership of the dog.
    In the example, Noun 'dog' has come after the word 'whose '.


    Who's = Who + Apostrophe(') + s.

    Who's शब्द who is का या who has का संकुचन है। इसका कोई अन्य उपयोग नहीं है। तो याद रखें कि दो शब्दों में एकमात्र ध्वनि है जो समान है।

    Who's is a contraction of either who is or who has. It has no other uses. So remember the only thing similar in the two words is the sound.

    Let's get to know it better with the following examples:-

    Who's got the highest marks in class? ( Here Who's stands for Who is)
    Who's coming today in our office? ( Here Who's stands for Who is)
    Whose rank is highest in the class? (whose )

    Let us look at the following examples. Please click them, listen to pronunciation and repeat aloud.

    Who's eaten the last chocolate? (who has) आखिरी चॉकलेट कौन खा गया है? (किसके पास)
    Who's running in the corridor? (who is) गलियारे में कौन दौड़ रहा है? (कौन है)
    Who's your buddy? (who is) तुम्हारा जिगरी दोस्त कौन है? (कौन है)
    Whose book have you kept here? आपने यहाँ किसकी किताब रखी है?
    Whose brother is waiting in the hall? किसका भाई हॉल में इंतज़ार कर रहा है?
    I know the girl whose umbrella was stolen? मैं उस लड़की को जानता हूँ जिसकी छतरी चोरी हो गई थी?
    Who's the culprit? (who is) अपराधी कौन है? (कौन है)
    Whose name was deleted by the Manager? प्रबंधक द्वारा किसका नाम काट दिया गया था?


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